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Purchased power stop brake kit (4 rotors and 4 pad sets) for my vehicle. Fitment guide said it would work for the vehicle, but when the shipment arrived, the front rotors didn't fit. Called Jegs and found out that the kit sent had the wrong set of front rotors and pads. I was told that the set that does fit would be 36 dollars more and would ship as soon as they received the incorrect set. It didn't occur to them that this was of any... Read more

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Purchased power stop brake kit(4 rotors and 4 pad sets) that was supposed to fit my vehicle. Upon installation, the front rotors and pads didn't fit. Called Jegs and was informed that the front kit sent from the company was incorrect and that the correct kit would cost an additional 36 more dollars. Now I have to wait to get the front set returned to Jegs in order for them to send me the correct part(s) and it's going to cost me 36 dollars and... Read more

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Sold me oil filter that was recalled 5 years prior to sale and then would not honor a refund because " too much time has passed" How does that change the fact that the product was recalled for 5 years and sold anyway?? Almost ruined my engine- which I purchased from them. Their response was "too bad for you" Horrible customer service. Beware!!! Add comment

I recently purchased an order of JEGS brand products and the products showed up and were extremely below par on quality. I contacted their return department and was fluffed off and told to send the product back on my dime if I wanted too. DO NOT BUY JEGS HORRIBLE PRODUCTS! I would recommend purchasing from anyone but JEGS. I understand if a product shows up a little below par and the customer service representative offers a solution then I... Read more

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I just put 2 girls through college and was wanting to start doing a hobby again. I ordered a package deal 2 lights and a pair of safety glasses. When I got the invoice it a $5.99 fee, that I never seen, so, I called the representative (some person I couldn't understand, jeg must use off shore call center). This being my first hotrod related purchase in about 25 years. I went back to Jegs because I had good service in the past. I tried to explain... Read more

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I ordered 7 items including shipping to Australia USD$1900 + USD$610 shipping FedEx Jeg's invoiced my credit card TWICE for the order! In stock items online ordered & then I am emailed up to 8 week delays in delivery I requested a credit for being invoiced twice & JEG's short credited into my account by USD$98 JEG's CS team told me to contact my bank to get it sorted out??? I contacted JEG's customer service after parcel 1/2 had been delivered... Read more

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Set me apart for a customer's car and it had a crack in it, car was promised back later this afternoon and I ask them if they can rush me out another so that I can only have to make the customer wait another day or so and they told me no not until they got the other part back or had to bill me for another, not a very good way to do business and I will not order from them again Add comment

I have a car in my shop to replace the trans with one from JEGS the customer ships the transmission right to my shop from Jegs I go thru the process of installing this supposedly REBUILT Transmission in the car after totally installing the Transmission I go to install the driveshaft and when I put the driveshaft in and try to turn it to put the u-bolts on the rear it won't move so after putting the shifter in neutral the transmission is still... Read more

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placed an order for wheels, they promise me to ship it in a 5 days, after 5 days nobody called me, i called them to check the status of my order, then they told that wheels not in a stock and i need to wait 1 months.... after a months when the wills should be ship, a called them again, and they told me that i need to wait more month..... poor service, never call me and informed me about changes in my order....... Read more

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I ordered a set of N Fab running boards for my wife's H2. The box contained two left side bars. I had to box it up and drop it off at Fed Ex. Almost 3 weeks later I get my replacement bars sent to me. Guess what? Two left side bars again. I Haven't received the third set yet, and Jegs doesn't really seem to care. I've got too much time invested in phone calls and boxing up the parts for returns. That haven't even offered me a bumper sticker... Read more

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